The values of Peg Morgan propel our mission to:

improve the lives of people with serious mental illness by investing in innovative projects in Northeast Ohio having national transformational impact.

Peg believed that the philanthropic community holds an untapped potential to deliver relevant—and disruptive—ideas to current behavioral health delivery systems. “Think bigger,” she would often say.

At Peg’s Foundation, we know that promoting and implementing promising and evidence-based practices can create the immediate and urgently-needed opportunities to improve the lives of people with serious mental illness and their families.


We envision a world where recovery from mental illness is the expectation and all regard mental wellness as an integral part of a healthy life.

Thanks to the vision of our founder Peg, we believe in relevant, innovative, and at times, disruptive ideas to improve access to care and treatment for the seriously mentally ill. We strive to promote the implementation of a stronger, more effective, compassionate, and inclusive health care system for all.


Peg Morgan, in her quiet and thoughtful way, regularly inspired reflective discussions across the community and inside the walls of her foundation. And she still inspires us today.

Her subtle challenges and well-defined aspirations lead our foundation’s leadership team. Peg not only funded, but personally specified exactly how her organization is to pay forward her past good fortune with future good deeds.

The foundation remains committed to Peg’s vision through five core values that guide our actions and decisions.

We believe and practice:

  • Faithfulness to the intent of our Founder Peg Morgan
  • Innovation, Creativity, and Leadership
  • Compassionate, Respectful, Open Communication
  • Efficient, Effective Stewardship and Management
  • Building and Sharing Knowledge

Thank you for guiding us, Peg.